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            Casting  "Done To Death"   

By  Fred Carmichael

Produced by The Little Egg Theatre Company (LETCO)

Directed by  Aline Bernstein and Tonya Neuweiler


AUDITIONS: Open readings  Friday  8/30/2024  6pm- 8pm & Saturday 8/31/2-24,  10am- 12noon  at the Edward Thornton / Little Egg Harbor Community Center at 319 West Calabreeze Little Egg Harbor, NJ.  If you read  Friday, you may be asked to come back on Saturday for a call back. Auditions will be open readings from scripts/sides provided. Final call back TBA if needed.


LETCO is a community theater group, welcoming and friendly. All levels of experience are welcome. 

REHEARSALS: Begin early in September and will be held at the  Community Center and  The Church of the Holy Spirit in Tuckerton.  Generally they will be Mondays and either Thursday or Friday of each week.  Actual  dates will be determined depending on space availability and cast schedules.

Load in, Tech,  and final dress starts Friday November 8th and  runs  through Wednesday  November 13th.  All cast must be available within that window leading up to the show.


PERFORMANCE DATES: Runs Thursday November 14 through Sunday November 19.


The stage will be struck immediately following the Sunday performance and all cast and crew are expected to help.  A pizza and prosecco  cast party will follow. 




Done to Death, a murder-mystery comedy, is a 1970 play written by Fred Carmichael. The plot focuses on five has-been Mystery Fiction writers who are brought to the mysterious Vulture’s Vault to collaborate on and write a new murder mystery TV series…and then the real murders start to happen. The play is parody of the murder mystery genre as each writer has their own style that they use in hopes of figuring out the murders.  The script cleverly pokes fun at the standard  mystery plots, heroes, and villains, with witty and  fast-paced dialog.  It engages the audience and features a surprise ending.



Primary Characters:

  • Jessica Olive – female, attractive and sophisticated, rich, wife and writing partner of Whitney Olive

  • Whitney Olive – male, – witty, sophisticated, perfect gentleman, well-dressed, husband and writing partner of Jessica Olive

  • Mildred Maxwell – female, determined and opinionated, author

  • Brad Benedict – male, shy, quiet sense of humor, author

  • Rodney Duckton – male, oldest of the five authors, energetic, enthusiastic, and well-dressed

  • Jason Summers – male, efficient-looking, enthusiastic, slightly nervous television producer

  • Jane – female, eager, pretty maid

  • Gregory – male, butler who resembles Dracula, speaks in a deep, Middle-European accent


Secondary Characters: (may be doubled)

  • Stagehand – male or female – unimpressed by others

  • George – male, soft-spoken and sophisticated, portrays a villain, dresses in the thirties era

  • Martha – female, severe and hardened, dresses in the thirties era

  • Girl – ingénue from the twenties era

Additional characters with few lines(can be doubled)

  • Monster - Frankensten type

  • Stephanie Mildaur - innocent 

  • Secretary  - sexy.  wears a trenchcoat over a bathng suit

*LETCO is a non-profit community theatre troupe.  All participation is on a volunteer basis.  No members of the cast or crew are compensated.​

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