Casting Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None," a classic British murder mystery that begins with ten guilty strangers being trapped on an island off the coast of Devon. One by one, they are accused of murder, and one by one they start to die.

Auditions will be held at the Little Egg Harbor branch of the Ocean County Library, 290 Mathistown Road, LEHT  at 7pm on August 13th with callbacks on the 14th.  

No roles are precast, and all roles are open.  All backgrounds, ages (over 18), ethnicities welcome and encouraged to audition!  Auditions will consist of readings from the script. No monologue required although one of the sides may be a monologue from the play. Sides for the audition process will be supplied at auditions and are provided at the bottom of this page should you choose to read them ahead of time.  Most actors will be  up and down to read multiple times in multiple combinations and scenes. We will do our best to get you up multiple times reading for parts you are interested in. You will also be asked to read for other parts you may not be auditioning for. 

Rehearsal days and times are tbd and will be determined shortly after auditions based on crew and actor conflicts.

Performance Dates and Times:
Evening Performances:     Thurs. Fri. Sat.; November 14 – November 16 7:30 pm Curtain
Matinee:                               Sunday November 17, 2:00 pm curtain



Thumbnail Role Descriptions      (ages are flexible)

NARRACOTT                The Boatman, Age: n/a

ROGERS                        The Butler:  Age: 40s-50s, Competent servant, more than a butler, a bit of a snob. Some describe him as shifty.

MRS. ROGERS              The Cook:  Age: 30s-60s, Nervous, she appears overwhelmed and frightened.

VERA CLAYTHORNE     The Secretary:  Age: 20s-30s, Attractive young woman in her first job as a secretary (was a school teacher), outwardly charming but hiding significant anxiety.

PHILIP LOMBARD         The Soldier of Fortune:  30s-40s, Charming, cunning, a bit of a rogue, former military and mercenary.

MR  MARSTON              The Rich Kid: 20’s–30’s, Very attractive, spoiled and frivolous, a maniac behind the wheel.

WILLIAM BLORE            The Cop: Age: 40s–50s, Retired cop, out of his element when posing as a rich businessman, but tough and competent.

GENERAL MACKENZIE   The General: Age: 60s, military bearing but quiet and reserved. He is wrestling with his demons and losing.

MISS EMILY BRENT        The Bigot: 40’s–60’s, Snobbish, opinionated and self-righteous, she has just enough charm to keep all the others from killing her themselves.

JUDGE WARGRAVE         The Judge:  Age: 60s, Famous, or infamous, law and order “hanging judge”, used to being in charge, retired and now ailing.

DR. ARMSTRONG              The Doctor: 40’s–50’s MD successful at treating wealthy ladies experiencing emotional problems. He was once a successful surgeon.

*LETCO is a non-profit community theatre troupe.  All participation is on a volunteer basis.  No members of the cast or crew are compensated.

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